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Dust City Diner Tip Jar

We're grateful to again have the support of Burning Man, but the ladies of the diner still need your financial help!


The Dust City Diner waitresses are aiming to raise $10,000 of your hard earned and graciously donated bucks in order to:​

  • Feed hundreds of artists and workers -- the folks who bring you amazing art on the Playa!

  • Feed you and hundreds of your friends when everyone stumbles across our tranquil oasis in the deep playa.

  • Transport the Dust City Diner from the Bay to the Playa ....

  • .... and pay for those speeding tickets. We can sweet talk anything on the playa but somehow those county sheriffs just aren't charmed.

  • Buy at least 125 pounds of clarified butter that we'll use to make you the best damn grilled cheese you've ever had at 4am on the playa.

  • Buy at least 200 pounds of good ol’ America-first cheese.

  • Replace the high performance Kevlar hairnets that cover our beehives. Because you do not want hair of unknown origin with your grilled cheese...

  • Bribe the Nevada health department. It costs more than you think it would, baby, and they never seem satisfied with our pickles no matter how hard we try to keep them clean! 



We've lined up lots of nice lil' donation gifts to meet your budget as well as your Dust City Diner desires.

Click the cheese

to get your 

donation gift!

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grilled cheese_edited.png
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grilled cheese_edited.png

You can also help by sharing information about the Dust City Diner and our campaign!  And keep up with the lovely ladies on our Dust City Diner Facebook page or our Dust City Diner Instagram account.

The Dust City Diner runs on a lot of love, a little grit, and the support of our community.

Thank you!

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