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Reminiscent of bygone days,
an oasis in the middle of the Playa.

The Dust City Diner is a magical 40s style diner, complete with a quilted stainless steel backsplash, red leather stools, chrome finishes, the Ink Spots and the Andrews Sisters on the radio, and -- of course -- grilled cheese.

Oh ... and a few crusty waitresses, too.

In support of the 2008 theme “The American Dream,” a group of artists and ne’er-do-wells created the Dust City Diner to share the kind of Playa experience we all love so much: that astonishing performance art one stumbles across just once during your Burning Man week but that stays with you forever -- and maybe even makes you see the world and your fellow travelers with a little more love.

The Dust City Diner will return to the playa this year and continue our tradition of slinging coffee and grilled cheese.


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The Dust City Diner is run with a lot of love,
a little grit, and the support of our community. 
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